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You let us know how much fence you need and how long you plan on needing it.  We will then work up a quote for you based on those quantities and rental duration.  Once you approve, we send our crew to your site to set up the fence or barriers.  We have several different discount levels depending on how much fence you need and how long you will need it.  If you are not done with the fence when your original duration has expired, no problem!   You can extend the rental of your fence on a month/month basis, or you can go ahead and sign up for another extended term based on your needs.  We have customers who need the fence for as little as one day or as long as 5 years.  

We offer the highest quality of service to our clients. You'll be satisfied with our products.

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We offer crowd control barriers and temporary fence rental products for all of your construction projects or special events.   We have one of the largest inventories of temporary rental fencing in the Midwest. In fact, we have well over 25 miles of 6' tall temporary fence panels in our well stocked inventory.   We also have hundreds of crowd control barriers (bicycle barricades) typically used to control pedestrian traffic.


We're the perfect choice for any instance when you need to secure all of your construction projects and special

events with fencing panels.

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How does our system work?

What types of projects typically need rental fencing?


1.  Construction projects:  This is the number one request for rental fence.  Typically, the very first thing needed to start a new construction project is a temporary fence.  This will help ensure the job site remains safe for its entire duration.  The general public (especially children), will not be able to walk onto the job site and get hurt.  It will provide the General Contractor control of who has access to the site, and will also help secure the site from would-be thieves during the night/weekends.


2.  Special Events:  Are you an event planner or coordinator?  Kansas Rental Fence is your go-to company for special events.  Concerts, contests, fairs, parades, and number of other special events requiring temporary fence or crowd control barriers. Kansas Fencing has established ourselves as the leader for all Special Event fence/barrier needs.  


3.  Catastrophes and acts of God:  As we are all aware, there are times that unplanned catastrophes happen on our lives.  One example of this is a  fire.  We work with dozens of municipalities and insurance companies that rely on us to provide a temporary fence around a structure that has caught fire.  We have the ability to mobilize fast (sometimes even the same day), and are able to secure the site and keep it safe.  Another example would be a wind storm or tornado that has caused structure damage to a building or facility.  Again, Kansas Fencing can get the site secured with minimal notice.


4.  Demolitions:  Tearing down a building, grain elevator, home, or any other structure that will create an unsafe condition for the general public?  Kansas Rental Fence is the answer.  Rent our panels for a day, a year, or multiple years.  We have options to fit your budget.

Why are we better than our competition?


• Reliability:  We are there when you need us.  For a General Contractor, if the fence contractor is not there to set up your fence when they were supposed to be, you will not be able to start moving dirt.  This can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in delays.  For an event planner, what would happen if the fence was supposed to be complete on Friday for a large concert on Saturday and the fence contractor did not show up or failed to get the perimeter of the site secure?  You would have hundreds of people watching your concert for FREE.  This will cost you thousands of dollars in lost ticket sales.  Kansas Fencing has the equipment, manpower, and experience to get your project started and completed on schedule.

• Convenience:  Our fence panels are the only way to go when it comes to flexibility.  While providing more security that a rolled fence, they allow the buyer to quickly and easily access different parts of the site by opening up new areas or moving the fence with little effort.  A rolled temporary fence fence does not allow for this level of flexibility

• Volume:  We have dozens of customers call us every year stating that they got a quote for temporary fencing from "XYZ Fence Co", but now that they need the product, "XYZ" is out of inventory and not able to do the job. Last year we sold well over $1.5 Million Dollars in temporary fencing and have NEVER in the history of our company ran out of inventory and not able to fulfill a quote.  You have the peace of mind knowing that we have the inventory to handle even the largest of projects.

• Value:  We have crews that specialize in installation of temporary fencing.  This is what they do ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  It is not uncommon for us to send a two man crew to your site and they will complete 1,700' of fence in a single day.  This kind of production will allow us to provide you a fence for far less than our competitors.

• Gates: Do you need a drive thru gate for your fence?  Most projects do. Ours are FREE!  That's right, FREE!  If you need one gate or ten, there is no additional cost.  We simple leave out a post between two panels allowing you to swing open a panel for a 14' opening or you can swing open two adjoining panels to create a 28' opening.  (pedestrian gates are available for a small fee).

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